About Gravity Ball

Each Gravity Ball™ has 2 distinct strap systems including the adjustable Velcro® straps and the fixed-length loop straps. In addition, every Gravity Ball™ has four attachment anchors equally spaced along the black center band that can be used to attach various accessories including straps and resistance bands.  Applications for the Gravity Ball include physical therapy, yoga & Pilates, adaptive fitness, group fitness, rehabilitation and sports.


Adjustable Straps

The Gravity Ball’s pair of adjustable straps use high strength Velcro® to secure the weight to your hands or feet which allows you to maneuver the weight without needing to grip it, this is called Grip-Free Resistance Exercise™.


  • Beneficial for people who have weak grip strength

  • Challenges athletes with a new type of training

  • Can be used on the hands and feet 

  • Can also be used as standard handles

Loop Straps

The fixed length loop straps are located underneath the adjustable straps and slide over your wrists to allow you to exercise with the weight held at the wrists as well as perform various stretches the involve both arms or feet.


  • Can be used as a weighted tension band

  • Hands-free exercise & multiple stretches 

  • Can be used on the hands and feet

  • Can be used as handles for weighted exercises

Removable Straps

The four black attachment anchors located along the Gravity Ball’s center band can be used to attach various accessories such as the soft straps included with each Gravity Ball™ or resistance bands to provide the user with multiple other ways to use the Gravity Ball™.


  • Exercises possible with the removable straps include behind-the-head exercises, throwing exercises, power and core exercises, stretch routines and balance moves

  • Straps can simulate exercises done with traditional gym equipment

Details & Specs

  • Surface: Every Gravity Ball™ is made out of damage resistant synthetic rubber

  • Straps: All straps are made of high tension nylon (including removable straps)

  • Accessory clips: Our accessory clips are rated to the strength of 800 lbs

  • Circumference: 57 cm (22.5 inches) (about the size of a volley ball)

 Size & Weights

The Gravity Ball comes in one size (about the size of a volleyball) and three weights, each differentiated by color.


4 lbs Gravity Ball™

  • Light resistance 

  • Symmetry training

  • Flexibility training 


6 lbs Gravity Ball™

  • Medium resistance 

  • Symmetry training

  • Flexibility training


8 lbs Gravity Ball™ 

  • Heavy resistance 

  • Symmetry training

  • Flexibility training

The Story of the Gravity Ball™

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Dr. Mark Chavez, physician and life long fitness enthusiast invented the Gravity Ball™ during a point in his life when he had lost his own health. He had gained 60 lbs and spent long hours working in the emergency room. His bodybuilder father had recently undergone a devastating nerve surgery that caused him to loose his grip strength. Dr. Chavez was driven to find an all-in-one solution to resistance exercise that was effective, challenging, compact and versatile. Furthermore, he wanted to find a way for his father to be able to exercise again. The Gravity Ball was born! Today, Dr. Chavez helps others to gain access to the life changing benefits of consistent resistance exercise.