How To: Expand Your Exercise Regime Using The Removable Straps

The Gravity Ball's removable straps expands the possibilities of creative exercises and challenges a variety of new muscle groups.

The Gravity Ball's pair of removable straps provides two major benefits: 

  • Activates different muscle groups and increases the challenge of your exercise as your arms (or legs) are further away from the weight.

  • The removable straps allow you to do a variety of fun exercises including throws, punches and posterior weighted exercises. 


Basic Instructions for the Removable Straps:

1. First, attach one carabiner clip to each removable strap before attaching them to the ball.

2. Next, clip each carabiner to one of the four attachment anchors located along the center band of the Gravity Ball. Make sure each strap is securely attached before continuing.

*This is the basic set up for the removable straps, however they can be used in a variety of other ways as shown below.


Engaging New Muscle Groups With The Removable Straps:

The removable straps allow you to expand your span (be it your arms or leg span) while still supporting the weight. This activates new muscle groups and increases the challenge of the exercise because your arms (or legs) are farther way from the weight.

gravity ball-removable-straps-3

Creative Ways To Use the Removable Straps:

With the removable straps you can do so many fun and effective exercises. In the videos below, Yvonne demonstrates three exercises using the removable straps.

Shoulder Shrug: By looping one strap through the other before securing both straps to the attachment anchors, you can form one big loop handle similar to a kettle bell. Yvonne demonstrates shoulder shrugs using the removable straps in this configuration.

Power Throw with Lateral Movement - The removable straps allow you to incorporate throws into any movement (such as lateral side steps as demonstrated below). We advise you to slip your wrists through the strap's handles to make sure you don't send the ball flying. 

Back Squats - Removable straps allow you to rest the Gravity Ball behind you which allows you to do posterior-weighted exercises such as the back squat as demonstrated below.

These are just a few ways to use the Gravity Ball's pair of removable straps, a feature that allows you to do many more unique and fun exercises. How will you use yours? Let us know in the comments below.