How To: Do Grip-Free Exercise Using The Adjustable Straps

Grip-free exercise is simple! Let us show you how to use the Gravity Ball's adjustable straps to do resistance exercise that doesn't require you to grip the ball.


Simple Instructions:

  1. Unfasten the top part of each adjustable strap so you can easily slip your hand through.

  2. Slip your hand through so it's lying against the surface of the ball.

  3. Tightly secure the top strap down across your hand at the point where your thumb separates from your palm.

  4. The ball should be tightly secured to your hand. Test it out by moving your hand and the ball from side to side and up and down by bending your wrist. If you need to readjust the strap, undo it and re-tighten it.

  5. Once it's secured, you are ready to do some unique, grip-free exercises!


The Superman Plank Goes Grip-Free!

Adjustable Straps Can Also Be Used On The Feet!

For more exercises be sure to visit our Youtube channel.

Let us know your favorite way to go grip-free in the comments below.