Dr. Dawud Lankford on Exercise

Dr. Dawud Lankford MD, MPH, urologist and Dr. Mark Chavez, creator and owner of The Gravity Ball & The Health MD met with each other last week to discuss the importance of exercise in healthcare.

There is a serious need nowadays within our healthcare system to democratize resistance training. Essentially, just as we all know how important cardio is for our hearts, and eating healthy is to feeling good, resistance training is a necessity that many don’t take the necessary time to incorporate it into their daily lives.

“Honestly, I think exercise is critical to everything; for rehabilitation from injuries or surgery and also for prevention and optimizing your health system.”

“To answer your question, I never hear other doctors talking about exercise. In fact when I do ask my patients if their primary care physician have asked them ‘what is your exercise regimen?’ They tell me ‘no.’”

“I do try to [be a positive influence on my patients]… and one of the reasons is because of you (Dr. Chavez) because of the influence you’ve have over me in terms of fitness and in health and I think it’s critical to treatment and prevention.” - Dr. Lankford.

Dr. Chavez and Dr. Lankford have a goal to help create a movement of helping people to heal themselves. With healthcare becoming increasingly complex and expensive, one of our best options is to focus on keeping ourselves healthy and resistance training is a huge part of that process.

For this reason Dr. Chavez created The Gravity Ball - a resistance training tool and unique methodology of using it called Gravity Ball method.

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