Q&A: Grip-Free Exercise

What exactly is grip-free exercise? 

Grip-free exercise is any exercise that doesn't require the use of your hands (or feet) in a gripping or flexed position.

Is gripping a bad thing?

No, its just relied on a lot. Whenever you text a friend, open a door, or drive to the grocery store, you're using the muscles of your hands, wrists and forearms in a flexed or closed hand state (you are gripping). With time, this constant use of your gripping muscles can lead to overuse injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. 

What should we do about it?

Incorporating extension-based or open handed movements into your exercise regime will help your hand, wrist and forearm muscles to stay balanced which will decrease the chances of developing these overuse injuries.

What if I don't have issues with grip strength?

Extension-based exercise will still challenge you like no other form of exercise even if you don't have issues with grip strength because it recruits additional muscles that many of us don't actively engage on an everyday basis.

Can I see an example?

Sure, here  is an example of grip-free exercise to get you started:

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