3 Tips For Exercising Consistently

Increase your chances of success

It’s common for people to pick certain times to be “energized” about working out and getting healthier (through New Year’s Resolutions or by having vague goals) without having a clear path to do so. However, spending hours working out one day and feeling too exhausted to continue the next day isn’t the most productive way to move towards accomplishing your fitness goals.

By taking the time to schedule your workouts and come up with a consistent plan to reach your goals, you can solidify your commitment to staying active over the long haul. Generally, the best program involves gradually increasing your workout until you can perform progressively more and more difficult exercises. It's also important for each step of your fitness plan to have solid, achievable goal posts such as using a Gravity Ball for 15 minutes without putting it down (The Time Under Tension Rule) or by holding a plank for 10 seconds at a time before resting.

Here are three simple techniques that will help you to stick with your routine:

Reward Yourself

When you reach a goal such as exercising at home 3 days out of the week or consistently attending the gym 3 days in a row – reward yourself. This can mean spending some time doing something you enjoy such as taking a walk or treating yourself with a healthy indulgence. 

Keep It Social

Exercising with a friend keeps it interesting and encourages constructive competition. If you’re on the hunt for some more active friends, join a local Facebook group or talk with your friend about starting to exercise together.

Remember The Big Picture

Exercise should be a way of life, not just a one time goal that you check off a list. Finding routines that you enjoy may take some time at first but it will make it easier for those habits to become part of your daily life.

By taking steps to rethink exercise as something enjoyable, you’ll be closer to not just achieving your goals but to becoming someone who values long term health and practices what they preach.

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