Gravity Ball Method

Why A Gravity Ball's All You Need: Product Comparision

Why A Gravity Ball's All You Need: Product Comparision

Five of the most time-tested, popular types of exercise equipment include the dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, yoga-stretching strap, foam roller. Let's see how the Gravity Ball can imitate an exercise popularized by each type of equipment and why it’s a great tool to start using today!

2 Ways To Improve Your Symmetry

Aiming to achieve symmetry between both halves of our body is essential for keeping our body balanced and injury-free. It's good to practice symmetrical movements both during exercise and as we move throughout the day.

Three Tips For Doing Daily Resistance Exercise

We believe that everyone can (and should!) be doing daily resistance exercise. Daily strengthening exercise keeps your muscles and joints strong and symmetrical as well as boosts your energy levels and metabolism. Learn our three tips for getting in your daily resistance exercise.

Why Grip-Strength Matters

Grip strength is the force generated through our forearms, wrists, hands and fingers to hold, carry and pull on objects. Every time we sign a check, drive our car, carry our groceries, text our friend or unscrew a jar we should thank our grip-strength.

Why Adopting A Versatile Mindset To Exercise Is A Good Thing

When it comes to incorporating exercise into our daily schedules, many of us to feel resistance or difficulty to do so due to a variety of reasons. See CDC’s list of common barriers to exercise. Adopting an attitude of versatility or an open mind towards our environments, may make the idea of exercise more palatable.

Three Ways To Get In Your Daily 30 Minutes of Resistance Exercise

Three Ways To Get In Your Daily 30 Minutes of Resistance Exercise

Exercising consistently often requires planning, goal setting and flexibility. Here are some ways to incorporate 30 minutes of resistance exercise into your daily schedule.

Three Reasons To Do Grip-Free Exercise

We frequently get asked a couple of questions: What exactly is grip-free exercise? and why is it important? We thought we’d take a few of minutes to answer these questions. Grip free exercise is any exercise that does not require you to grip the equipment in order to perform the exercise.