A New Way To Exercise for Those With Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that can cause tremors in the hands, limb rigidity, motor issues and cognitive challenges, all of which can make exercising very challenging. With the Gravity Ball’s unique system, it makes using weights possible for people with Parkinson’s disease. The Gravity Ball’s adjustable, high strength Velcro straps secure to your hands or feet during exercise allowing you to use weight without having to grip on the weight.

Exercises that we’d recommend for people with Parkinson’s disease include ones that build strength, range of motion and balance. Some exercises include:

Lying Arm Raise And Press

This floor exercise builds upper body strength while also strengthening the core and improving shoulder range of motion.

Front Shoulder Raise

This exercise builds shoulder strength and can be done slowly while sitting in a chair.

Exercising regularly is an essential part of maintaining good health. Parkinson’s disease doesn’t have to stop you from living a healthy lifestyle! The Gravity Ball is an excellent way to begin a regular strength training and balance program today.