Advanced Core Stabilization With A Gravity Ball™

The Importance of Core Stabilization

The Gravity Ball™ team had the chance to spend the morning with friend and urologist, Dr. Dawud Lankford. Following an outdoor core workout session, Dr. Lankford and Dr. Mark Chavez, creator of the Gravity Ball™ discussed the importance of core training for cancer patients and patients in need of extensive core rehabilitation.

Core stabilization and strengthening exercise is beneficial for all of us. A strong core will protect your spine and allow you to move better and safer throughout your days. The core is the collection of muscles that surround your spine and stabilize the torso region which runs from your shoulders to your hips. 

Flour-based exercises such as bridges and planks are popular and highly beneficial exercises. If you’re looking add some variety to your core workout, standing exercises with moving weight may be an answer as the core is faced with counterbalancing the shifting weight. 

Several examples are demonstrated in the video. When doing these exercises be sure to keep your weight grounded through your hips and legs and your back straight throughout movement. Also start with a light weight and slow movements until you get the hang of the exercise. Some exercises in this video are advanced and should only be performed if you comfortable with other core work. 

Give this exercise a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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