3 Gravity Ball Exercises For Improving Balance

Balance, as defined by Google is "to keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall.”

Balancing is actually a highly specific and complicated system in our body. Our sense of balance involves our visual and sensory systems which notice uneven surfaces and other environmental obstacles to make sure we don’t trip or run into anything. Our muscles and joints use mechanisms to pick up on how and where we are using them to let our brain know where each of our body parts are in space at a given time. 

In addition, our inner ear contains semicircircular canals which contain fluid and tiny hairs that detect movement and let our brain know when and how we are moving. All of these messages are sent to our brain via our nervous system which alerts our brain to how our body must resond to make sure we stay upright and moving forward.

As we age, these senses naturally decline which increases the fall risk for older individuals. For the reason it's important have awareness of balance as a use it or loose it muscle and incorporate ways to improve our balance into our exercise routines (1).

Here are three exercises to practice that help improve our balance:

Side Lunges

Yvonne demonstrates the side lunge using the 5 lbs blue Gravity Ball. Side lunges incorporate side to side movements which are recommended for improving balance. Using both arms to support the Gravity Ball (via the loop straps) also helps to stabilize us during the movement. This exercise also builds strength in the glutes, quads, and inner and outer thigh muscles.

Back Squats

Yvonne demonstrates the back squat using the 5 lbs blue Gravity Ball. Back squats strengthen muscles along the hips and pelvis. When the muscles along this chain (starting in the hips and ending in the ankles) are symmetrical, we’re able to maintain balance much better.

Power Throw With Lateral Movement

Other activities for improving balance include practicing yoga, Tai Chi and dance such as ballet. Do you typically practice balance training? Let us know in the comments below.