How To Achieve Your 2019 Goals

Happy New Year from the Gravity Ball™ team! As you enjoy your holidays and get ready to start the new year we wanted to share a couple of easy but powerful actions you can take to make 2019 the best year possible.

Action Item 1 - Write down your specific goals

Write down your goals for 2019 and be as specific as possible. When you do this it makes it easier for your brain to focus on the goal(s) and realign your behaviors to better allow you to achieve your goals. This strategy will help make your goals clear enough to create an actionable plan to achieve them.

Action Item 2- Make your goals measurable

What is your timeline to achieve each goal?  Data over many years clearly shows that if you do not set an end date to get the job done then you will likely never achieve the goal. You have to be specific when you want to achieve certain goals. This process is a key to executing actions over time and achieving a desired outcome. Here’s an example of a non-specific goal and a specific goal which has a higher chance of being reached.

Vague (non-specific) goal:

Katie  - “I Want to lose 20 pounds.”

When are you going to lose 20 pounds? How are you going to lose 20 pounds?  Why are you losing 20 pounds? Katie has a wish but provides little detail on how she will achieve her goal, making it much more difficult to actually reach it.


Specific goal:

Patricia - “I will weigh 20 pounds less than I do right now by May 15, 2019.”

Patricia says she will achieve this by:

  • Adopting a plant based diet through which she will learn how to prepare new vegan meals as well as use the service Vegan 2 You which delivers plant based meals to your door.

  • Using intermittent fasting so that the window of time she will eat in is between 12 pm and 6pm daily.

  • Running 25 miles a week and completing 2 marathons this year.

  • Doing daily resistance exercise at home using the Gravity Ball™ to work on joint strength, core strength, balance, body symmetry, and flexibility.  

  • Tracking her progress using an activity tracker: Using the activity tracker she will set specific goals such as number of steps per day (10,000 steps), and number of flights of stairs per day (20 flights)

By being more specific, Patricia gives herself a better way to track her goals which increases her chances of achieving them. More on this in the next step.

Step 3 - Track your progress

A goal cannot be achieved without commitment and dedicated, focused work.  It also won’t happen if you aren’t able to measure your progress. Writing down and keeping track of your specific actions and the associated metrics will give you a clearer picture of your progress towards your goals.  

Step 4 - Establish a reward

Reward yourself when you meet the goal on the due date you set. This reward acts as an incentive to help drive you to achieve the next goal. A simple reward can be a dinner at your favorite restaurant or some extra sweet running gear.  Creating an incentive will also make it fun and will serve as a reminder to yourself when the work gets tough.

What are you goals for the New Year? Comment below and tell us what your goals are for the New Year and how you’re going to achieve them.