How To Use Resistance Bands With A Gravity Ball™

Combining resistance bands and a Gravity Ball™

Compact, portable and versatile. Resistance bands can be used in many ways, as shown in this article by Greatist with 33 creative resistance band exercises. Resistance bands are also popular in physical therapy because of their compactness and their range of tensions. Some resistance bands are designed to be essentially giant rubber bands while others come with handles or hooks.

To spice up your resistance band routine, here’s a fun way to pair a Gravity Ball with your bands for an outdoor core strengthening workout that you can do with a friend.

To get started, simply attach a resistance band to one of the carabiners included with your Gravity Ball and secure the band to one of the Gravity Ball's four attachment anchors.

Now you’re ready to go! Grab a partner (or loop it to a tree or post if by yourself) and you’re ready to get in a pretty challenging workout. Be sure to stand feet wide apart and stabilize your spine and core throughout the movements which can include presses, circles or wave type movements.