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Lower Back Pain and The Gravity Ball

Lower back pain is a fact of life, according to WebMD. One half of all working Americans suffer from back pain issues each year (1). Lower back pain can have a variety of causes and may be difficult to pinpoint because the muscles, joints, and ligaments of our lower back run together in a very compact and interconnected space.

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Handstands: Why They're Great & How To Take Them To The Next Level

Handstands, they're not just for yogis anymore. Handstands are an incredibly effective way to strengthen your entire body, improve your balance and enhance your overall well being.

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Three Tips For Doing Daily Resistance Exercise

We believe that everyone can (and should!) be doing daily resistance exercise. Daily strengthening exercise keeps your muscles and joints strong and symmetrical as well as boosts your energy levels and metabolism. Learn our three tips for getting in your daily resistance exercise.

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