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Time Under Tension: The Gravity Ball Method

A key principle of The Gravity Ball Method that we like to demonstrate for new Gravity Ball users is the concept of Time Under Tension. The principle is essentially that whenever you are using the Gravity Ball to exercise for a period of time (For instance, 30, 20, 15 or even 10 minutes), we suggest that you not put the Gravity Ball on the ground (even to rest) until your time is up.

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Which Gravity Ball Should I Use?

We’d like to answer a question that we often get asked, which weight of Gravity Ball should I use? See our suggestions for how to use each weight.

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How To Use Resistance Bands With A Gravity Ball™

Compact, portable and versatile. Resistance bands can be used to achieve a full body workout, as shown in this article by Greatist with 33 resistance band exercises you can do anywhere. Resistance bands are also popular in physical therapy because of their compactness and variety of tensions. Some resistance bands are essentially giant rubber bands while others come with handles or hooks.

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