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Exercising With A Gravity Ball™ For Parkinson's Disease

With Alan Alda's recent announcement about his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease and the increased awareness it's brought we'd like to share some Gravity Ball exercises that can help ease the symptoms of the disease.

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Three Tips For Doing Daily Resistance Exercise

We believe that everyone can (and should!) be doing daily resistance exercise. Daily strengthening exercise keeps your muscles and joints strong and symmetrical as well as boosts your energy levels and metabolism. Learn our three tips for getting in your daily resistance exercise.

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Adapting: A Necessary Tool For Meeting the Needs of Today’s Society

We’ve all had to do it… Adapt. Change what we are doing in order to do something new. The need to adapt can take place for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, adapting can be difficult.

Today we are evolving at a faster pace than at any time in human history; whether technological, physiological, or cultural. This constant state of change can make adapting to new situations seem difficult or all together impossible.

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Dr. Dawud Lankford Speaking on The Exercise

Dr. Dawud Lankford MD, MPH, urologist and Dr. Mark Chavez, creator and owner of The Gravity Ball & The Health MD met with each other last week to discuss the importance of exercise in healthcare.

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Timed Exercise is the New Rep And Set

What if instead of counting reps and sets during exercise, we focus on the total amount time spent exercising? We propose, by doing this you will allow increased flexibility and creativity into your workouts while still making the most of the time you spend exercising. Read on for some tips on how best to do this.

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