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Using The Gravity Ball in the Warrior II Pose

Yoga instructor, Theresa uses a 5 lbs Gravity Ball in her Warrior II pose. By using the Gravity Ball’s adjustable straps which grip to her hand she’s able to focus on her breathing, form and movement during the pose (and not on holding the weight).

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2 Ways To Improve Your Symmetry

Aiming to achieve symmetry between both halves of our body is essential for keeping our body balanced and injury-free. It's good to practice symmetrical movements both during exercise and as we move throughout the day.

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Lines Principle For Improving Posture, Form And Alignment

For this blog post we’d like to share a quick tip we like to use while using our Gravity Ball™, the Lines Principle! The Lines Principle is the practice of aiming to form straight lines in our movements in order to improve our form, posture and skeletal alignment. See three ways we recommend practicing the Lines Principle!

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