3 Ways To Do 30 Minutes of Resistance Exercise Every Single Day

Exercising consistently often requires planning, goal setting and flexibility. Here are some ways to incorporate 30 minutes of resistance exercise into your daily schedule.

One 30 minute session

Tackling your 30 minutes all at once, whether in the early morning, afternoon or during your lunch hour or in the evening, is a great way to set aside time to focus on you amid life’s assortment of responsibilities.  A full 30 minute session provides you with enough time to wear your workout gear and to listen to your favorite playlist. You also have more opportunities to diversify your exercise styles and intensity levels. If you’re lucky you can finish up with a long shower and a fresh smoothie.

Two 15 minute sessions

Alternatively, two 15 minute sessions may work better for some schedules and are equally effective. 15 minutes is enough time to incorporate some stretching and upper or lower body exercises that will make a big impact on your energy levels and/or any joint or lower back pain you may experience throughout the day. You’ll return to your project refreshed and looking forward to your next session.

Six 5 minute sessions

Now if you’re particularly skilled at multitasking or at filling any spare minute with something productive, this technique could work perfectly for you. Breaking up 30 minutes into six 5 minute sessions will give you six opportunities for planking, squatting, stretching or simply carrying a heavy weight around for 5 minutes. You may also be tempted to do higher intensity exercise to make up for the short time interval. Breaking up your day in this way will also help you avoid sitting for long periods of time.

As with any change, incorporating a new habit into your day requires time, consistence and patience. Change won’t happen overnight and being patient and kind to yourself is of utmost importance. Which approach resonates most with you?