How to get stronger and more symmetrical with the removable straps

For this week’s blog post we’re going to talk about some of the ways to use the removable soft straps that come with the Gravity Ball™.  

Each Gravity Ball™ has four attachment anchors that are used to attach additional accessories to the ball which expand both the numbers of exercises that can be done and the functionality of the ball. The removable straps are a fun and unique way to challenge various muscles and muscle groups which may not normally be activated when doing other forms of resistance exercise.  

These straps increase the recruitment of multiple muscles and muscles groups of the upper body (shoulder, arms, forearms and core). Similar to Y movements used by physical therapists and sports trainers to strengthen and stabilize the shoulder girdle these straps offer a great way to rehab from shoulder injuries and imbalances.

In addition, by applying outward force on the straps (imagine trying to pull the straps out of the ball with each hand when placed around the loops straps) this increases the efficiency of the exercises and engages the core and rotator cuff muscles much more than in traditional shoulder and rotator cuff exercises with resistance bands or dumbbells. As the weight is moved further away from your body, more muscles are engaged as the weight of the ball will have a tendency to wobble about if tension is not kept on the soft straps to stabilize it.


Here’s a good example of this principle: In the photo below Jess is doing a forward lunge while suspending the Gravity Ball™ using the removable straps. While she’s supporting the weight of the ball she is also applying outward force (parallel to the floor) on the straps which is activating her arms, shoulders, back and core muscles.

Using both the straps with resistance bands (shown above) forces the weight to be stabilized in space while allowing you to maneuver it with the removable straps giving you a strong core workout. This stabilization principle also applies when doing throwing or swinging exercises or mobility exercises (see examples below).


Challenge yourself in new ways and have fun coming up with creative ways to use the Gravity Ball™ by using the accessory attachment anchors and the removable soft straps on the Gravity Ball™.