Why Adopting A Versatile Mindset To Exercise Is A Good Thing

The term, versatility is defined as an ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities, according to the dictionary.

Common barriers to regular exercise

When it comes to incorporating exercise into our daily schedule, many of us feel resistance or difficulty to do so due to a variety of reasons. The CDC’s list of common barriers to exercise includes: not having enough time to exercise, not having safe places such as parks or sidewalks near our homes or offices to exercise in and finding exercise inconvenient and/or boring.

How using a versatility mindset can help make exercise more accessible

Let’s return for a moment to the term versatility. How do we think of the environments where we spend a lot of time? Such as our homes, offices or cars? Is it with a versatility mindset?

Adopting a versatile mindset or an open mind towards our environments may help make the idea of exercise more palatable. For instance, take our work environment. Do you work from an office or spend much of your day in a chair? Embrace this! View your office setting not as a limitation but as a cue to exercise from your seat. You’ll be surprised that you can get pretty close to a full body workout without even standing up.

With a more versatile mindset, we can turn our once perceived limitations into positive cues that gently guide us to form new habits. Begin adding seated exercises into your work day if you spend a lot of time at your desk. You’ll be working in alignment with your current environment and shrink the barrier you feel to go somewhere else to exercise.

What perceived limitations do you have towards exercise and how can adopting a versatile mindset increase the enjoyment and time you spend exercising?