Press & Testimonials

Hear from some of the amazing yogis, Pilates practitioner, physical therapists and at-home users who make up our Gravity Ball community!

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Bernadette, Physical Therapist

Bernadette (pictured below) shares the story of one patient (name has been changed) who following a spinal fusion surgery was left paralyzed on her left side while also having little use of her right arm or ankle. 


"Mariza* was not strong enough to hold onto weights or use Therabands. She could have the Gravity Ball's straps around her hands so that she could hold onto the ball. She and her therapist did all kinds of arm exercises such as PNF work, elbow strengthening and trunk motion. The Gravity Ball was placed on her ankles and she was able to work on marches, long arc quads and lower extremity abduction.  Months later she is now propelling her own wheelchair, using with a walker and regaining function in her arms. The Gravity Ball helped Mariza regain her strength, improve her mobility and become more independent in all areas."


Rachael, Personal Trainer / Owner

 Concierge Personal Training

"The Gravity Ball is a great therapy ball. It helps to safely increase strength. My senior clients love that they don't have to strain to grip it."





Dr. Nanette Hale, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

"I like that I don't have to grip onto the weight to use it. The straps allow me to focus on whatever muscle group I'm working on (biceps/triceps), and of course, the added weight to my feet work well for leg raises."






Mike, Retired Marine and lifetime body builder

"I use the Gravity Ball in conjunction with the gym. When I can't make it to the gym, I workout with it at home. No problem working out all the muscle groups. I've been working out since the age of 12 and I just turned 70 last month.  I have seen what seems to be tons of products come and go and have even used some of them (which turned out not to work as advertised) This ball does it all."



Diane, Personal Trainer / Owner

Owner of Trainer Lady Personal Fitness Training

"I am presently using the Gravity Ball with my older clients in a home setting. It is easier for them to grasp and hang on to, especially for rotational movements. I can use it with them standing or sitting."




Lidia, Executive Assistant to CE0

"After being introduced to the Gravity Ball, I decided to get the most use out of it by bringing it to my office job. I started using it while on the phone with clients and while reading emails. I like to use it to work out my arms, abs and legs. Whenever I feel like I’ve been sitting for too long, I like to do a few sets of squats with it. I’ve even got some of my co-workers to start using it."



Jodi, Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitor and Owner


"I've incorporated the Gravity Ball into my client's workouts as well as my own. I also use the Gravity Ball as part of physical therapy for my elbow, forearm and wrist. The dumbbell exercises that my physical therapist gave me are difficult to do when when my lateral epicondilitis (tennis elbow) / radial tunnel syndrome is at its worst. Taking out the grip of the dumbbell and being able to strap the Gravity Ball to my hand makes the exercises more effective and less painful allowing me to do more."


Frank B., COO

“I have been using the Gravity Ball for several years now, both in my training regimen as well as in physical therapy.  It has become a part of my daily routine for all my stretching, resistance training,and physical therapy exercises.  I use the Gravity Ball before every run, and having several balls at different weights allows me to more effectively manage my hectic schedule by working out at home.  I highly recommend the Gravity Ball if you’re interested in developing a lifestyle of wellness based on your schedule, and not the gym’s.

If you value your health, it’s a must-have piece of equipment for every home, including yours!"