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“The single best tool to train the body for balance, symmetry, flexibility, mobility, and strength — The Gravity Ball is a total body maintenance system”



The Gravity Ball’s unique strap system allows a wide range of users to implement it into their exercise routine. From personal trainers to exercise newbies, the Gravity Ball™ can enhance most workout plans. Other health-wellness professionals including yoga practitioners, Pilates instructors, athletes, adaptive individuals can also benefit. The Gravity Ball™ is for every BODY. Click below to explore specific workouts methods.

Physical Therapy | Yoga & Pilates | Adaptive Fitness

Group Fitness | Rehabilitation & Sports


The Gravity Ball makes dynamic movements possible with its strap design that secures the weight to your hand (or foot), which frees up your attention to focus on the movement and not on gripping the weight.

The Gravity Ball will challenge your nervous system by forcing you to stabilize the spherical weight in space while you’re exercising.

The Gravity Ball’s versatility means that you can build strength, increase mobility and flexibility, improve symmetry and enhance balance all in a single device.

The Gravity Ball’s compact, portable design increases the chances that you’ll develop a regular habit of doing daily resistance exercise which will increase your strength, flexibility and mobility while improving your mood and energy levels as well as many other health benefits.


A Gravity Ball™ can be used just about anywhere, including:

  • In the park

  • At the gym

  • In the office

  • At home

  • While travelling

A Gravity Ball™ replicates exercises traditionally done using five of the most common types of equipment, including:

  • Kettlebell

  • Dumbbell

  • Yoga Stretch Strap

  • Foam Roller

  • Medicine Ball

Getting Started with Gravity Ball™

We often get asked which weight of Gravity Ball should I use? All Gravity Balls have the same circumference of 57 cm (22.5 inches) which makes them about the size of a volleyball. There are three weights to choose from, each differentiated by color.

In general, we recommend the blue Gravity Ball™ most often. It's ideal for most people who are new to exercise. The heavier weights (orange and black) in general are designed for those who are more experienced with exercise.

Lightest Resistance  Blue Gravity Balls (4 lbs)

Lightest Resistance
Blue Gravity Balls (4 lbs)

  • New to Exercise

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Physical Therapy (consult with therapist)

  • Exercise that involve using weight on one arm or leg at a time to improve balance or symmetry.

Medium Resistance  Orange Gravity Balls (6 lbs)

Medium Resistance
Orange Gravity Balls (6 lbs)

  • Experienced in exercising

  • Athletics & Fitness

  • Sports Medicine

  • Supplement alternative sports such as cycling and rock climbing.

Heavy Resistance  Black Gravity Balls (8 lbs)

Heavy Resistance
Black Gravity Balls (8 lbs)

  • Experienced athletes

  • Higher intensity workouts

  • Sports Medicine

If you're an instructor or health-fitness professional who works with clients of varying degrees of fitness, we'd recommend trying out a set of three Gravity Balls, one of each weight. This will give you a large variety for training yourself and/or your clients. 

The Story of the Gravity Ball™

Dr. Mark Chavez designed the Gravity Ball™ at a point in his life when he had lost his own health. He had gained 60 lbs working long hours in the emergency room. His father had recently undergone a devastating nerve surgery causing him to lose his grip strength. Searching for an all-in-one solution to resistance exercise and for his father to be able to exercise again, a concept that was effective, challenging, compact, and versatile was born — the Gravity Ball.



Every Gravity Ball™ is made from damage resistant synthetic rubber.

Made of high tension nylon and designed to fit
the average hand size for both men and women.

Each loop strap is 6.25 inches or 15.8 cm in length

Each removable strap is 10 inches or 25.4 cm in length

Our high capacity carabiner clips are rated to the strength of 800 lbs.

Circumference: 57 cm (22.5 inches). About the size of a volleyball.



2 Distinct Strap Systems

4 Attachment Anchors for Straps & Resistance Bands

Adjustable Velcro® Straps & Fixed-Length Loop Straps


The Gravity Ball’s pair of adjustable straps use high strength Velcro® to secure the weight to your hands or feet which allows you to maneuver the weight without needing to grip it, this is called Grip-Free Resistance Exercise™.


  • Beneficial for people who have weak grip strength

  • Challenges athletes with a new type of training

  • Can be used on the hands and feet 

  • Can also be used as standard handles


The fixed length loop straps are located underneath the adjustable straps and slide over your wrists to allow you to exercise with the weight held at the wrists as well as perform various stretches the involve both arms or feet.


  • Can be used as a weighted tension band

  • Hands-free exercise & multiple stretches 

  • Can be used on the hands and feet

  • Can be used as handles for weighted exercises


The four black attachment anchors located along the Gravity Ball’s center band can be used to attach various accessories such as the soft straps included with each Gravity Ball™ or resistance bands to provide the user with multiple other ways to use the Gravity Ball™.


  • Exercises possible with the removable straps include behind-the-head exercises, throwing exercises, power and core exercises, stretch routines and balance moves

  • Straps can simulate exercises done with traditional gym equipment