Limited Lifetime Warranty

What is Covered

Our warranty covers defects in the materials and/or workmanship of the Gravity Ball™, including all weight and color combinations. Our products are designed to last a lifetime and each Gravity Ball™ is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment. However, we understand that things happen that are out of our control and we are quick to resolve the issue and satisfy our customers

This warranty applies for the lifetime of the product and/or company. The warranty ends when the product becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or materials.

This warranty applies ONLY to the original purchaser of the product. Warranties cannot be transferred to subsequent owners or users of the product.

What is Not covered

Normal wear and tear and intentional attempts to destroy or alter the product are not considered valid reasons to receive a replacement or refund. This is why we politely ask for pictures to be added to your warranty claim.

Product failure due to water damage. We are currently working on a water-friendly version of the Gravity Ball™. Although we have used and very much enjoyed incorporating workouts in the pool testing, they are not designed for prolonged submersion.

These Gravity Balls, although extremely durable, are not designed to be used as a slam ball found in many gyms. Please use caution and common sense when using our product in any impact sports.

Lastly, this warranty does NOT apply to any other accessories purchased on our website (unless specifically stated) or any additional attachments that were used with the Gravity Ball in the event of product failure.

Warranty Repair Guidelines

1.     Upon receipt, we will attempt to repair the damaged Gravity Ball™. If repairs are successful and up to manufacturer’s specifications, we will return your Gravity Ball™ FREE of charge.

2.     If we are unable to repair the product within a reasonable about of time, we will send you a replacement of the same model/weight, FREE of charge.

3.     If we are unable to provide a replacement of equal value, we will issue you a full refund.

How Do I Apply?

Please email us at with subject line ‘RETURNS.” Describe the problem in detail and include any pictures (up to 10MB) that illustrate the issue. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Please mail the defective product postage paid to the address below:

Gravity Ball Health Systems
2201 N Lakewood Blvd Suite D-639
Long Beach, CA 90815-2552

At this time, the cost of return is the purchaser’s responsibility. We do recommend using a tracking service as we do not accept any responsibility for returned goods until they have been received at our warehouse. We do not assume responsibility for any loss or theft that results when the product is shipped to us.  

For questions about this warranty please contact us at