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Which Weight Should I Use?

We often get asked which weight of Gravity Ball should I use? To clarify, all Gravity Balls have the same circumference of 57 cm (22.5 inches) which makes them about the size of a volleyball. There are three weights to choose from, each differentiated by color:

  • Blue Gravity Balls are 4 lbs - lightest resistance 

  • Orange Gravity Balls are 6 lbs - medium resistance

  • Black Gravity Balls are 8 lbs - heavy resistance

In general, we recommend the blue Gravity Ball™ most often. It's ideal for most people who are new to exercise. The heavier weights (orange and black) in general are designed for those who are more experienced with exercise. Below are a few more specific uses for each weight.


4 lbs Blue Gravity Ball™

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Physical Therapy

  • New to Exercise

We suggest starting off with the the blue Gravity Ball™ if you're practicing yoga or Pilates or doing other types of exercise that involve using weight on one arm or leg at a time to improve balance or symmetry.

If you also exercise at home or are new to exercise, we recommend starting off with this versatile weight before advancing onto heavier weights.

If you're a physical therapist, we'd suggest using this weight with your patients or if you are rehabbing your own injury, we'd suggest using this weight IF your therapist approves you to use weight safety.


6 lbs Orange Gravity Ball™

  • Fitness

  • Athletics

  • Sports Medicine

The orange Gravity Ball™ provides a medium level of resistance. We recommend this weight for those who are more experienced with exercise and who are at a higher level of fitness.

This weight is best for uses in fitness, athletics, sports medicine and to supplement alternative sports such as cycling and rockclimbing.


8 lbs Black Gravity Ball™

  • Experienced athletes

  • Higher intensity workouts

  • Sports Medicine

The black Gravity Ball™ provides the highest level of resistance. We recommend this weight for athletes and those who are very skilled in fitness and athletics. 

This weight is best for uses in athletics, fitness, sports medicine and higher intensity workouts.

Gravity Ball Sets


If you're an instructor or health-fitness professional who works with clients of varying degrees of fitness, we'd recommend trying out a set of three Gravity Balls, one of each weight, 4 lbs, 6 lbs and 8 lbs. This will give you a large variety for training yourself and/or your clients.