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Grip-Free resistance exercise with the Gravity Ball


Grip-Free resistance training means that the weighted ball attaches onto different parts of your body so you can use the weight multiple ways that don’t require having to actually grip or hold the weight. This method of training focuses on core recruitment and developing upper and lower body strength safely and effectively. The Gravity Ball attaches multiple ways to the hands, wrists, ankles, and feet for a totally new exercise experience

Balance  · Strength  · Flexibility  · Mobility  · Symmetry  

Go Grip-Free


The Gravity Ball’s adjustable straps secure the ball to your hands or feet for Grip-Free Resistance Training™



The loop straps act as a weighted tension band and stretch straps that can be used on the hands and feet to do multiple unique exercises


Multiple Uses

Resistance bands, various types of straps, and other accessories can be attached to the Gravity Ball using it’s attachment anchors for even more exercises

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Grip-Free Resistance Training

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Start Training With The Gravity Ball®

4.5 lbs Gravity Ball
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4.5 lbs Gravity Ball®

  • Lightest weight

  • Yoga, Pilates

  • Flexibility training

6.5 lbs Gravity Ball
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6.5 lbs Gravity Ball®

  • Middle weight

  • Sports and Athletics

  • Flexibility training

8.5 lbs Gravity Ball
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8.5 lbs Gravity Ball®

  • Athletic weight

  • Sports and Athletics

  • Flexibility training

10.5 lbs Gravity Ball
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10.5 lbs Gravity Ball®

  • Heaviest weight

  • Power and Strength

  • Core training

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