Recovery Balls

Finally A Ball That Delivers True Recovery and Prehab

Now we can exercise leveraging using natural movement to fix and balance the musculoskeletal system so your body can move the way it was designed to move - without thinking about it

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  • The Gravity Ball is a Patented Grip-free resistance exercise ball - designed for injury rehab and active recovery

    The elegance of all Gravity Balls is that the features are the same, it’s the size that’s different.

  • Your body gets built from the inside out

    You must effectively exercise your joints and small muscles whether you are recovering from an injury, preventing future injuries, or building your fitness.

    Gravity Ball’s Recovery Balls are the perfect tool to properly target these small muscle SAFELY, REPETITIVELY, and EFFECTIVELY

  • Recovery Balls are perfect for:

    Upper Body:

    • Shoulders

    • Elbows

    • Wrists

    Lower Body:

    • Knees and ACL’s

    • Hips

    • Ankles

    Recovery Balls target all of the muscle groups that must be strengthened in order for your joints and body to feel and perform well.

  • All Recovery Balls are sold in PAIRS

    You choose between: 

    • 4 inch wide - apx the size of a baseball - balls which is 2lbs or 

    • 5 inch wide - apx the size of a softball - balls which is 3.5 lbs

    All balls come standard with:

    • Grip-free straps fixed to the balls

    • Anchor attachment points with

    • High-strength carabiners included

    • Soft straps included

    Additional Accessories available with Recovery Balls:

    • Attachable bands

    • Gravity Ball bag

  • Heather Thomas (IG: @ht_physique)

    “I was introduced to Gravity Ball just under a year ago. This item is an excellent tool. As a personal trainer I have a variety of clients, some with physical conditions. One such client has cerebral palsy.

    This is one of my go-to training tools with this client because we are able to transition from move to move easily with one implement for the entire work out. I use the Gravity Ball for everything! Legwork, core work, and upper body work!”

  • Nicholas Ferrara (IG: @njf_move)

    “As an Athletic Trainer working with injured collegiate athlete’s everyday you learn to be creative with rehab. And that’s why I was drawn to the Gravity Ball.

    I can take it out to the sidelines or on the road and know I have hundreds of exercises possibilities that I can use with my athletes regardless of their injury. It’s truly an all-in-one tool for me.”