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Patented Grip-free resistance ball training

Build Real Strength The Way Your Body Was Designed To Move

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  • Doctors Agree - Gripping Weights Costs You Strength!

    The moment you are forced to grip resistance objects such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or medicine balls, your body instantly fires muscles counterproductive to where you want to build strength.

    Gravity Ball’s Fitness balls are the perfect tool for you to train SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY, and with amazing VERSATILITY

  • Fitness balls are perfect for:

    • Functional Fitness Methods & Bootcamps

    • Strength and Conditioning - Athletes and Non-Athletes

    • Barre, Yoga & Pilates

    • Glute and Booty Training

    • Boxing & Martial Arts

    • Endurance Training

    Additionally, Fitness balls promote flexibility and mobility because of the safety and control you possess without having to grip the ball

  • All Fitness balls are 7 inches wide - apx the size of a Volleyball

    You choose between: 

    • 5 lb ball 

    • 7.5 lb ball

    • 10 lb ball

    All balls come standard with:

    • Two Grip-free straps

    • Two Loop Straps

    • Four Anchor attachment points

    • Two High-strength carabiners 

    • Two Attachment Straps

    Additional Accessories available with Fitness balls:

    • Attachable resistance bands

    • Gravity Ball bag

  • Adelita Montero (IG: @adelitalive)

    "As a multiple-time jiu jitsu world champion, I am always looking for a way to improve my jiu jitsu game & gain any slight edge in competition.

    With the Gravity Ball system, I was able to take my skills to the next level becoming an important part of my daily training. Thank you @GravityBall Team!"

  • Tuekeha Huntley (IG: @tuebefit)

    “Gravity Ball, the well balanced implement. I have the pleasure of owning and working out with a gravity ball. It’s lightweight, but so effective! You can literally do any exercise with the Gravity Ball as it’s versatility allows you to wear it on your hands and feet. The unlimited moves with the gravity ball is what makes this implement effective. 

    I’ve used the Gravity Ball with my adolescence clients and they love it! The color, the shape, the weight, it’s an untraditional implement that is easy to use and that’s what makes the Gravity Ball cool.”